01/10/10 LO'VE FLY MOOD @ Rieti

12/18/09 LIVE @ Manouche Club, Caserta

A new "first time".

An homecoming, with some special friends.

Manouche Club, Via Bellomo, Puccianiello (Caserta) - free entrance

Valerio Piccolo - voice, acoustic guitar, loop, readings
Fabio Bettini - fretless bass, flute, keys
Ciro Staro - guitars, keys





12/17/09 LIVE @ Crossover, Roma

Valerio Piccolo is back to his "Roman house" for a live set with a new formation and some guests

(crossover), via degli equi 22, Roma - free entrance

Valerio Piccolo - voice, acoustic guitar, loop, readings
Fabio Bettini - fretless bass, flute, keys, vocals
Ciro Staro - guitars, keys
Fabrizio Morando - noises and samples
David Ravignani - vocals









Cover art

Rodney D'urso is a graphic designer-slash-painter-slash (some times) singer songwriter. And he does all these things, these things separated by the slash, in New York City. I believe he's in the right place: I always thought that if you have a multi-layered talent, New York is the perfect city for you to express it in all its dimensions.

AMERICAN WRITERS by enrico franceschini

(writer, correspondent @ la repubblica)

John Fante
Charles Bukowski
Henry MIller
Ernest Hemingway
Jack Kerouac
Raymond Chandler
Raymond Carver
Philip Roth
Tom Wolfe
Herman Melville


The unforgettable first post...

The officially opening of a blog is not an easy moment. It's like entering another little big dimension of the world of communication. It's like offering another nuance to whoever is visiting this website. At the beginning I even thought I had nothing to say (and maybe that is simply the truth).

12/10/09 PALLADIUM, Rome (charity event)

Valerio Piccolo's music will be part of the fundraising event organized by the no-profit organization Piccolo Principe ONLUS

12/04/09 READING @ BookCourt, Brooklyn

I'm proud to announce that me and my irreplaceable acoustic Taylor will be part of the "prizes, surprises, absurdities guaranteed" of LETHEM vs. CHRONIC CITY, the "Gran Finale" of the marathon reading organized by Jonathan Lethem to promote his beautiful new book.

I hope you'll join us at the warm BookCourt bookstore, from 7PM to the last page of the book.

See you there!! 

FILM DIRECTORS by francesco massarelli

(artistic director cineclub vittoria, caserta)

Ken Loach
Tim Burton
Luc e Jean Pierre Dardenne
Kim Ki Duk
Wong Kar Way
Pedro Almodovar
Quentin Tarantino
François Truffaut
Stanley Kubrick
Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu



(journalist @ il mattino, caserta)

Gianni Rodari

Hans Christian Andersen

Louisa May Alcott

Emanuele Luzzati

Lewis Carroll

Roberto Piumini

Italo Calvino

Giambattista Basile

Rudolf Raspe

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


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