12/11/15 POETRY live @ Altroquando, Rome

11/14/15 YOU CAN'T... @ Teatro Manhattan, Rome

11/13/15 YOU CAN'T... @ Teatro Manhattan, Rome

09/04/15 YOU CAN'T... @ Masseria Porzia, Leverano (LE)

HOURGLASS - new single!!

HOURGLASS is the new single by Valerio Piccolo. It can be considered a comeback song after he took a short break from the scene, and also an intermediate step towards his 5th album coming out next fall. HOURGLASS is an intimate song that tells about how sometimes you can get out of difficult times with a simple gesture, a simple act, a simple flip of an hourglass.


A weekend-long message. For the Earth, everybody's earth. Valerio Piccolo's live music will be on the big stage of the Italian Earth Day 2015. Two days of great music and words in the beautiful scenario of Villa Borghese, in Rome.

04/18/15 POETRY Live @ Earth Day 2015 - Roma













Galoppatoio di Villa Borghese - Rome

Valerio Piccolo - vocals, acoustic guitar
Fabio Bettini - bass, flute
Serena Ciacci - vocals
and with
Francesca Zanni - reading

03/28/15 POETRY NOTES LIVE @ Le Nuvole, Barcelona

Libreria Le Nuvole

Carrer de Sant Lluís, 11


T: 93 17 66 401

03/27/15 POETRY NOTES LIVE @ Garoa, San Sebastian

Garoa Kultur Lab

Zabaleta kalea 34

03/25/15 POETRY NOTES LIVE @ Anti, Bilbao

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