Suono nell'aria (EP)











SUONO NELL'ARIA is a project created in 2011 by Valerio Piccolo, with the artistic production of Massimo Roccaforte.

Four intense tracks that talk about Valerio Piccolo's musical trip of these last years. 

"Suono nell'aria / Freeze Tag", the single. A duet with American songwriter Suzanne Vega. A real musical "sequel": the song is built around a verse of one of Suzanne's first songs ("Freeze Tag"), and tells the story of characters of that song, meeting again after 25 years.

"Dove", with the flute of Fabio Bettini, gives the imagination some space to fly around, and suggests a way that everybody can see as his, then choosing where to go.

"L'essenza", written with Francesca Zanni. Working with Francesca has been a crucial moment for Valerio Piccolo. This collaboration has led to the creation of more songs (still unreleased) and of the theatre play POETRY/POESIA.

"Verde", the link between this EP and Valerio's next album, to be released at the end of 2011. The backbone of the band is the one the has been surrounding Valerio on stage these last two years, and can count on the fabulous strings of Andrea e Gionata Costa (from the Italian cult band Quintorigo). 



1. Suono nell'aria / Freeze Tag (3:57)
(feat. Suzanne Vega)  
2. Dove (3:57)
3. L'essenza (3:35)
4. Verde (3:47)


Photo: Lisa Meloni Ragusa
Cover Art & Design: Andrea Bonaventura