Cover art

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Rodney D'urso is a graphic designer-slash-painter-slash (some times) singer songwriter. And he does all these things, these things separated by the slash, in New York City. I believe he's in the right place: I always thought that if you have a multi-layered talent, New York is the perfect city for you to express it in all its dimensions.

Rodney's artistic and working life gravitates around a beautiful Chelsea building, the London Terrace Gardens. One day, probably moved by feelings that mix the beauty of the building with the anonymous scaffolding hiding its nuances, our artists decides to set up one of the most unique exhibitions this city has ever seen.

Rodney's eyes, the eyes of a painter, see an enormous, challenging white canvas right on top of the pipes that hold the scaffolding. So he contacts a pretty big number of artists (26), raises money from the London Terrace, then asks the selected artist to create works in order to "cover" the scaffolding through all the block.  

Several months later, on March 19, 2009, Artbridge is born.

The idea is a winning one. People are curious, newspapers write about it, and after having "decorated" 23rd street from 9th to 10th Avenue, today Artbridge is discussing with the City of New York other way and other places to hang other huge and beautiful works of art.

It's been several years now that I'm in love with forms of art inserted right in the core of urban life. Expecially big, gigantic works of art, like for istance the Fiumara d'Arte by Antonio Presti, in Sicily. One day a person taught me this contemporary way of creativity, and since then it has been a constant passion of mine. That's why ArtBridge is one of the projects that I carry inside my heart, and that I admire for the strenght of a single idea.

And when I think of the gigantic cell phones shining on the huge scaffolding on the building of Campo de' Fiori, I tell myself that it's always possible to do something better. The key is not settle for the easiest solution, and turn on the creative part of our mind: THAT is an artistic act.

Stay tuned!!