The unforgettable first post...

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The officially opening of a blog is not an easy moment. It's like entering another little big dimension of the world of communication. It's like offering another nuance to whoever is visiting this website. At the beginning I even thought I had nothing to say (and maybe that is simply the truth). But I know a lot of nice and interesting people who have their own blog, so I thought that having a brand new website, I should take this opportunity to enter the "lot-of-nice-and-interesting-people-who-have-their-own-blog" fascinating club. So here we are.

Actually one of the reasons of this "official opening" is my next trip to New York City (here the schedule of this mini-tour). I'd like to keep a little ship's log from the songwriting heart of The Village. So if you want to know what kind of air I'm breathing, stop by every now and then, and you'll find fresh bites of the Big Apple.

But how a crazy singer/songwriter who's leaving for the crazy New York City can open a blog? Maybe showing the hidden craziness of Rome, where sometimes you find scenes like the one you see in this picture. And luckily I had my camera with me.

No wheels and chained? My music wants to be the opposite.

Stay tuned!!