The song

From a poem by Suzanne Vega (“Command”, from “The Passionate Eye”), a song written by Valerio Piccolo.

A subject of today: the arrogance, the verbal violence, the will to impose one's thoughts using force.

The videoclip

A woman and her man.

A father and his children.

A teacher and her student.


Three scenes enacted on the backrground of the song, underlining its lyrics.


Three moments in which the weakest is paralyzed by arrogance and verbal violence.


But the victim finds the strenght to react and leave the scene. “Your power raising nothing”.


A videoclip conceived as a shortlenght movie.



Valerio Piccolo
Serena Ciacci
Lucia Ocone
Ignazio Oliva
Antonella Attili
Jacopo Olmo Antinori
Arcangelo Iannace

Written and directed by Francesca Zanni.