The concept album POETRY (released under this title in Italy in March 2014) is a project that combines poetry and music. Nine American poets/novelists/singer-songwriterswrote nine poems that Valerio Piccolo put to music turning them into songs. A musical journey that narrates and presents – through song – North American poetry written by the most influential voices of our times. Not just “affirmed” poets, but also novelists and musicians with “an itch” for writing verse.

Ouverture Valerio Piccolo
Pioggia Di Stelle Valerio Piccolo
Ordine Valerio Piccolo
Chiacchiere Da Bar Valerio Piccolo
Aspetto Valerio Piccolo
Maledizione Valerio Piccolo
Il Guardiano Del Faro Valerio Piccolo
Il Barman All'inferno Valerio Piccolo
Sottozero Valerio Piccolo