HOURGLASS - new single!!

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HOURGLASS is the new single by Valerio Piccolo. It can be considered a comeback song after he took a short break from the scene, and also an intermediate step towards his 5th album coming out next fall. HOURGLASS is an intimate song that tells about how sometimes you can get out of difficult times with a simple gesture, a simple act, a simple flip of an hourglass. So that time - such as life - can start all over again, and while the sand falling looks the same it is  also different and new. 
HOURGLASS, recorded between Italy and USA, has great musicians onboard. From Mike Visceglia (Suzanne Vega's longtime bass player and musical director) to Massimo Roccaforte (Carmen Consoli's guitarist and Valerio's artistic producer), Simone Prattico and Gionata Costa (cello) from the Italian cult band Quintorigo.
Italian Radio Date: June 19th.