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A weekend-long message. For the Earth, everybody's earth. Valerio Piccolo's live music will be on the big stage of the Italian Earth Day 2015. Two days of great music and words in the beautiful scenario of Villa Borghese, in Rome. Two days that will end Sunday April 19th with the voice of Dee Dee Bridgewater, a long weekend that will see performances from various artist of the Italian music scene. Valerio will get on stage Saturday at sunset (7:30), with a small acoustic set (with Fabio Bettini on bass and flute, and Serena Ciacci on vocals), and once again he will host the words of Francesca Zanni, who'll tell about is personal view of the Earth nowadays. Two days after it will be New York City again, for a new workshop on the theater play "Nameless". This time the casting will welcome actress Lili Taylor!