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A very intense March awaits Valerio Piccolo. The Italian singer-songwriter will split his notes between the stages of indie Italian theater and the bookstores of Spain. March 19th to 21st will be the dates of the three preview readings of "You Can't Always Get What You Want", the new show written, directed and starred by Francesca Zanni, where Valerio too will be on stage with his miniTaylor and his loops (here the detailed calendar of the previews). After the curtain is down, Valerio will fly to the north of Spain where on March 25th (in Bilbao) his new big adventure will have its start: the DeTour 2015, an acoustic tour to introduce and promote in European bookstores "Poetry Notes", the new music project totally in English language (here all the detailes of the Spanish Leg of the tour). Valerio will be joined for the occasion by the beautiful guitars of Tommaso Galati, for an intimate performance blended in music and poetry.